Austria Fortnight Classes

Image: Performance by los Salseros de Stanford.

What is Austria Fortnight?

To help everyone get into the spirit of social dance, our Austria Fortnight classes are 14 informal dance lessons at Stanford’s campus in the two weeks before Viennese Ball. These classes are free and open to the public, and you can attend as many as you’d like!

Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes that you can move easily in. Classes will begin promptly at the indicated time and progress quickly, so be sure to arrive on time to get the most out of them!

Class Schedule

We will host classes every evening from 8-10PM, between Jan 18 and Jan 31, 2020 on Stanford campus, with Bon Bon Ball kicking it off on the evening of Jan 17.

Facebook event for Austria Fortnight:

Facebook event for Bon Bon Ball:

Current timetable of classes and locations:

Detailed Timetable

LOCATION (subject to change): Graduate Community Center (GCC) Havana Room for all lessons, *EXCEPT 1/24 Romany Polka, which is in Roble 113, and the weekend of 1/25 and 1/26, which is in Toyon Hall.*

Sat. 1/18 Swing (Beginner) – Ben LeRoy & Maya Ziv
Sun. 1/19 Cross-Step Waltz (Beginner) – Vincent Sheu & Haiwen Gui
Mon. 1/20 Rotary Waltz (Beginner) – Toby Bell & Alexis English
Tue. 1/21 Cross-Step Waltz (Beginner) – Alice Li & Andrea Ramirez
Wed. 1/22 Salsa (Beginner) – Kuan-Hsien Lee
Thu. 1/23 Swing (Beginner) – Gaurab Banerjee & Alexandra Bernard
Fri. 1/24 Romany Polka (Intermediate Waltz Level) – Roble 113 with Richard Powers & Rocky Aikens
Sat. 1/25 Swing (Beginner) – Anna Zeng & Jessica de la Paz – Toyon Hall
Sun. 1/26 Rotary Waltz (Beginner) – Anton de Leon & Kasey Luo – Toyon Hall
Mon. 1/27 Cross-Step Waltz (Beginner) – Pedro Milani & Tracey Lin
Tue. 1/28 Rotary Waltz (Beginner) – Wey-Wey Su & Haiwen Gui
Wed. 1/29 Rotary Waltz (Intermediate) – Chris Ling & Qian Lin
Thu. 1/30 Cross-Step Waltz (Intermediate) – Cameron Schaeffer
Fri. 1/31 Swing (Intermediate) – Richard Lin & Rachel Gardner
Sat. 2/1 43rd Stanford Viennese Ball 2020! @ Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport in Burlingame


To help you get ready for Austria Fortnight and the Viennese Ball, here are useful links to recap:

Rotary waltz:
Cross-step waltz:

Link to our old Austria Fortnight classes: