Image: Performance by the leads of Opening Committee.

Q: Do I need to know how to dance?

Viennese Ball guests come from many different dance backgrounds. No prior dance knowledge is required to attend. For beginners who are looking to get up to speed, fourteen days of free dance lessons are offered on Stanford Campus during Austria Fortnight before the Ball. For those not interested in dancing, the ball also hosts many events that do not require dance skills, such as performances and contests.

Q: Do I need to bring a date?

Not at all! While Viennese Ball is a great opportunity to take someone on a romantic date, social dance at its core is about meeting and dancing with many other people. Many attendees go simply to enjoy dancing and socializing, either with friends, in groups, or by themselves. In all cases, Viennese Ball is a fantastic and exciting event.

Q: Is the Ball open to guests outside the Stanford community?

Yes, everyone is welcome.

Q: What is the dress code?

Black tie optional, tuxedos and suit jackets optional. No jeans and no high heels, unless they have suede bottoms for ballroom dancing. We recommend flat shoes for everyone. Example outfits: collared, long-sleeve button-down shirt and tie with dress pants or slacks, a long gown, cocktail dress, or pantsuit. Wearing socks is also acceptable, especially for beginners. If you wear high heels to the event, please exchange them for dance shoes or flats while dancing for safety’s sake.

Q: Will there be a coat check?

Yes, a coat check is available, but we request that guests bring a maximum of one bag and one coat per person. Please bring only the most essential items with you to the Ball.

Q: Is dinner served?

No, but there will be light refreshments (i.e., snacks, drinks, water) served in between dances. We have done our best to be sensitive to those with allergies, and have worked with our vendors to remove foods containing peanuts and to label common allergens.

Additionally, we will provide hand sanitizer at the refreshment stations, and we encourage dancers to cleanse their hand prior to/after eating in order to maintain a high standard of hygiene at our event.

Q: Are tickets refundable/transferable?

No, they are not. Due to the large volume of potential requests and our limited time as a student organization, we cannot accommodate refunds or transfers. Additionally, this policy prevents the transferring of student-tier tickets to non-students. This is unfair because our event is heavily subsidized by students’ activity fees. As organizers of a large event, it is our responsibility to ensure that all those who enter have a correct ticket under their own name.