Little Big Dance

A couple wearing masquerade masks dances the tango. Photo by William Meng (

[Image description: A big group of people posing in Roble Gym 113 after Little Big Dance!] Photo by Arun Kuhlshreshtha
[Image description: A blurred photo showing everyone jiving at Little Big Dance in Roble Gym 113!] Photo by William Meng (

Thank you for coming to Little Big Dance this year!

This year, the Viennese Ball Steering Committee planned “Little Big Dance,” a shorter version of the famous Stanford tradition, Big Dance! Our theme this year was “Masquerade Ball” – think the Phantom of the Opera, Romeo and Juliet, and Venetian Carnevale!

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What is Big Dance? (And what is “little” Big Dance?)

Big Dance is an all-night event run by Stanford dance instructor Richard Powers that combines live music, performances, and games with dancing from sundown to sunrise. This event is beloved by alumni and community members alike, and because they cannot currently attend Stanford dance events due to COVID-19 regulations, we are planning a smaller version of the event instead. We’ll still have the dancing and performances, but the event will only last from 8pm to 11:45pm.

Does this event require costumes? (TL;DR – No)

As with all social dance events, attendees can wear anything that they feel comfortable in, but feel free to commit to the theme as much as you like! Masquerade masks are not required, but encouraged! (As with all indoor events at Stanford University, face masks will be required.) Only dance shoes will be allowed on the floors of Roble Gym 113. Many dancers remove their street shoes and dance in their socks!