This is a page where we’ll be posting important announcements for the Ball!

[Announcement 1/28/2020] Reminder about Refund and Transfer Policy

We want to remind all ticket holders that tickets are NOT refundable and they are NOT transferable. We will be checking student IDs against tickets and will be turning away folks whose tickets do not match their IDs or if their status does not match their class of ticket (eg. alum with a current student ticket). 

This event is highly subsidized by student activity fees which is why we can provide student tickets at a significantly lower cost than non-Stanford tickets. While we do not wish to turn anyone away from this event, it is our responsibility as a student organization to ensure that only valid ticket holders will be allowed entry and all others will be turned away. In order to combat ticket fraud and unfairness, these rules will be enforced.

Please ensure that you have the correct tickets prior to boarding shuttles departing to the venue. We will not be offering transportation back to campus at the start of the event for folks who have invalid tickets.

[Announcement 1/19/20] Updated 2020 Viennese Ball Swing and Waltz Contest Rules

Dear Guests,

We are so thrilled to be dancing with you soon at the 2020 Viennese Ball! This year, we are pleased to be implementing updated contest rules for our Swing, Rotary Waltz, and Cross-Step Waltz competitions.

Specifically, we are not allowing the immediate contest winner of the past year to make it to the top 3 finalists.

We’d further like the clarify the following:

  1. This rule applies for both leads and follows, and applies even if they are dancing with new partners and in different roles.
  2. This rule applies only for the specific competition that they won. Thus, if X and Y won Cross-Step Waltz in 2019, the constraint applies to the Cross-Step but not Rotary or Swing competitions.
  3. This rule applies for the 2019 winners only. Winners in prior years can still be selected.

We decided to formalize this policy because we realized that prior Viennese Balls had left the question of past winners vague, which can be stressful and confusing for competitors.

Moreover, we wanted to prioritize the ability to show new faces in dance, creating diversity by ensuring that at least one of the three finalist pairs will be completely different.


Your 2020 Viennese Ball Chairs